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Policing Pregnancy. Turns Out Wine Is Fine.

I, myself, am not interested in having kids and I can understand that pregnancy is just not a very interesting subject to many people, including many women.  However, what IS … Continue reading

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Blurred Lines Gender Reversed

Hot guys version Funny guys version ‘Normal’ guys version So…OK…time to say something about it now: those funny versions all perpetuate the stereotype that men’s bodies are funny,never sexy, certainly … Continue reading

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The Heat

Great movie, I laughed my socks off. I loved to see a guy get abused for planning to cheat on his wife with a  prostitute, loved the dick-shooting scene (after … Continue reading

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Sexism in Research Revealed: watch BBC Horizon

Very interesting this documentary about what makes us human. In it an age old scientific assumption, that women’s large pelvises make them walk insufficiently, is proven wrong. (The whole documentary … Continue reading

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Key to Promotion for Women: don’t smile

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/10101889/Key-to-promotion-for-women-dont-smile.html `Previous research has established that people who are thought to be willing to lead a team are more likely to be given the opportunity to do so. Women have … Continue reading

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