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Are Men Ever Allowed To Say No?

Here’s a great piece about a subject that almost never gets attention: http://myfreedomlounge.com/magazine/read/are-men-ever-allowed-to-say-no_2285.html#comments It also discusses an interesting link between racism and sexism that I (together with other white folks … Continue reading

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Sexual assault survivors speak

Ali Safran’s “Surviving In Numbers” project allows sexual assault survivors to speak out anonymously on posters, sharing how people responded to their abuse: “if they’re supported and believed, it starts … Continue reading

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Documentary: Rape in the Fields

http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/rape-in-the-fields/ I have been (and will keep on) explaining in the comments of several websites that rape is not something that can be avoided by anything women do or don’t … Continue reading

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12 Year Old Girl Makes Pedophile Leave With Tail Between His Legs

A 12 year old girl took control by firmly ordering a masturbating intruder with a gun to leave her alone. She added ‘You should be ashamed of yourself.’ when he … Continue reading

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