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Sexism in Research Revealed: watch BBC Horizon

Very interesting this documentary about what makes us human. In it an age old scientific assumption, that women’s large pelvises make them walk insufficiently, is proven wrong. (The whole documentary … Continue reading

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Everyday Sexism Project

The Everyday Sexism Project exists to catalogue instances of sexism experienced by women on a day to day basis. http://www.everydaysexism.com

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Seksisme in en om het huis

Over alledaags seksisme en roze prinsessenterreur http://seksisme.tumblr.com

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Oproep: Alledaags seksisme? Laat het ons weten!

In navolging van Everydaysexism.com en seksisme.tumblr.com komt Opzij in september met een themanummer over (alledaags) seksime. Heb jij ook een goed voorbeeld van alledaags/ uitzonderlijk/grappig bedoeld/ stuitend seksisme in Nederland? … Continue reading

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“Men Have It Bad Because Women Live Longer”

Another complaint often uttered by sexists in reaction to feminist comments. First of all: if you think you get a raw deal because of your gender, then join feminists in … Continue reading

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