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Here some more about unrealistic Barbie

Off course there are plenty unrealistic dolls nowadays, but let’s have a look at Barbie doll…… Deconstructing Barbie’s Disproportion – Nickolay Lamm’s “normal” Barbie alongside the standard-issue doll (via nickolaylamm.com) … Continue reading

July 14, 2013 · 2 Comments

Improved Dolls by Artist Nickolay Lamm

Dolls without make-up: http://www.bust.com/news/general/artist-challenges-societal-beauty-standards-by-removing-dolls%E2%80%99-makeup.html Barbie with proportions of a regular girl: http://www.bust.com/barbie-recreated-to-reflect-average-american-looks-great-duh.html

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