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Why it cant be up to men…things I never knew before becoming pregnant

http://m.dailykos.com/story/2013/08/01/1228105/-Why-it-cant-be-up-to-men-things-I-never-knew-before-becoming-pregnant When I was younger, I was 100% anti-abortion, no abortions for rape, no abortions for the health of the mother, not even for the life of the mother…I was … Continue reading

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Accounts from Women Who Had an Abortion after 20 Weeks Pregnancy

  Usually discussions about abortion are very abstract. I, myself am also guilty of making abstract, philosophical arguments pro choice. Unfortunately it makes one forget about the reality in which … Continue reading

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Texas strenge abortuswetgeving

De Texaanse senaat is akkoord gegaan met de omstreden nieuwe abortuswetgeving. Lees hier het nieuws op NRC

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Ierland staat abortus toe, maar alleen onder strikte voorwaarden

“Met een grote meerderheid is het Ierse parlement akkoord gegaan met een wetsvoorstel dat abortus mogelijk gaat maken. Het gaat dan wel om buitengewone gevallen, zoals wanneer het leven van … Continue reading

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Man Who Thinks Women Rather Have Abortion Than Use Birth Control (and 16% of women experienced men tampering with their birth control)

Some guy trying to derail a discussion about and celebration of Wendy Davis’s filibustering an offensive anti-abortion bill in Texas. The guy is even affiliated to some university and has … Continue reading

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