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Instagram Censored My Body

Interesting article by Petra Collins. “I’m used to being told by society that I must regulate my body to fit the norm. I’m used to the fact that images of … Continue reading

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Women shouldn’t

“In een campagne voor gendergelijkheid gebruiken de Verenigde Naties ‘s werelds populairste zoekmachine. De zoektermen die Google automatisch aanvult, vertellen het hele verhaal. Zo verschijnt er: ‘Women shouldn’t vote’ (vrouwen … Continue reading

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De feministische man

Gelukkig zijn er ook nog wel eens tegengeluiden te horen, die de al te simpele stellingen over emancipatie en feminisme aan de kaak stellen. Zoals het artikel van Willem Bosch … Continue reading

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Populair en stereotype – mannen met V-hals

In Nederland is de discussie over man- en vrouwbeeld weer eens actueel in de bladen. Helaas begint het dan weer met simplistische oneliners, waar vervolgens iedereen weer een mening over … Continue reading

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Text of Blurred Lines Written in Sentences Rapists Said to Their Victims

Think Blurred Lines sounds rapey? Others think so too. http://thesocietypages.org/socimages/2013/09/17/from-the-mouths-of-rapists-the-lyrics-of-robin-thickes-blurred-lines-and-real-life-rape/ Behind the link pictures of rape victims who hold up a sign with things that their rapists said to them … Continue reading

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Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces

Want a good laugh? http://imgur.com/a/eSX9a#bNNoitK

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Blllghhman, Biggest Asshole of Denmark

This is an English follow up of the earlier Dutch post about the Danish program ‘Blachman’.  I just found a discussion of it on youtube that shows what it’s about … Continue reading

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Keuring blote vrouwen van Blachman

Wat is dit?!? Eén of ander tv programma waarin mannen, relaxed op de bank, naakte vrouwen beoordelen…. Het was hier en daar in het nieuws en de meningen zijn natuurlijk … Continue reading

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Waarom we allemaal van Mars komen

Interessant boek ‘Waarom we allemaal van Mars komen’ van Cordelia Fine. “Hoe neuroseksisme aan de basis ligt van de verschillen tussen man en vrouw” “Vergeet de mythe dat vrouwen niet … Continue reading

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Lose the Lads Mags!

Here’s news to prove that campaigning really works!: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/23609005 Co-op stores in the UK have put an ultimatum on lads mags, with objectifying pictures of half naked women on their … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the White Feminist Community:

Originally posted on Dear white feminists,:
I say this with the greatest respect for feminism and its importance in the world today, and as a (for the most part) white-identified…

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Are Black Feminists Ignored?

Perhaps they are. http://rhrealitycheck.org/article/2013/07/28/women-of-color-and-feminism-a-history-lesson-and-way-forward/ I myself have never noticed that feminism was torn apart by racism. It is never an issue on any feminist blogs that I read. Maybe that … Continue reading

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Oppressed White Male Alert!

Stephen Colbert receives an oppressed white male alert during his show: http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/428274/august-01-2013/oppressed-white-male-alert—bob-filner

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Why Real Men Shouldn’t Fantasize About Women

Read a man’s thoughts about the destructiveness of porn. I think he is right and I am glad to hear a man say it (although the sort of analysis does … Continue reading

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