Louise's Feminist Musings

Notes on feminist news & issues


Louise’s Feminist Musings

I have been commenting on feminist news for years now. This takes a lot of time and all these messages seem to float somewhere as parts of half finished discussions that annoyed me enough to pour an amount of time in.

On this blog I will collect the news that created a spark and collect some of my notes on it. These will be the notes that I don’t want to bother my facebook friends with (poor people, they are not the ones who need to read them).

Well, all of these posts are lost to me now, which is a shame. What I intend to do here is to collect the articles that sparked my interest and collect some of my thoughts on them in the hope that all will at some point be able to crystallize into a larger project (no idea what yet). It should not take me a huge amount of time, it should be just like one of the pile of prints and and notes that usually builds up next to me on the table or the floor. Spelling mistakes and half-finished sentences will probably frequently appear. I will not keep on posting new entries all the time, instead I will every now and then edit and update existing posts.

What I have to say will not always be nice and I will not always say it without swearing.

Louise is an alias. I am a graduate student in philosophy of physics, which is a lovely, male-dominated, field to work in. I like men, and I like working with men, and at the same time I am thoroughly fed up with having to live in a world ridden with sexism and misogyny. One does not exclude the other. (Let me explain how to love and hate men at the same time in a blog post.)


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