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Blllghhman, Biggest Asshole of Denmark

This is an English follow up of the earlier Dutch post about the Danish program ‘Blachman’.  I just found a discussion of it on youtube that shows what it’s about and what people think about it. Watching it my stomach turned a number of times.

I am not sure what I find more upsetting: the women who agree with Blachman when he says ‘The female body is thirsty for words. A man’s words’ or Blachman himself. Well, the whole thing is disgusting. If anything good came from this program is that it shows how much society has failed to change over the past decades. But is that actually a good thing? Well no, having that fact thrown in your face over and over again could merely discourage any sane woman left from trying to change the nasty women-hating world that surrounds her. It’s misogyny at its finest, nothing else. Why there are even discussions about this program baffles me.

From the clip it becomes clear that women who agree with the idea that a woman’s body is thirsting for a man’s words, agree that their bodies ask to be admired by men (as long as men do not say anything nasty!). This also comes up in the comments on the youtube clip. These women apparently have no idea that there is a third option: instead of their bodies being either judged or admired, they, as actual persons, could be respected for their character, personality and achievements. Unfortunately that is something that is (almost?) never done. That would make for a truly revolutionary program: men talking about how much they admire women for their personalities.

If this is the state many women are in, thinking that their bodies somehow invite men to ogle them (ogling…well….you see Blachman and his ‘guests’ having trouble restraining themselves from getting their cocks out and start masturbating), and if so-called progressive women gladly broadcast this program, undress for it, and think that it is all ok, then we live in sad times indeed.

Men like Blachman, the ‘funny-‘one-of-the-boys’-progressive-artsy-types’, selling their horny ogling as ‘men’s honest expression, not held back by those thoughtpolicing prudes’ are the nastiest kind of all. What shall we call them… ‘3rd generation misogynists’?  They are the mutated filth that was brought up by 1st and 2nd generation misogynists, the 1st generation being the ones that denied women their right to vote and live unmarried, the 2nd being the ones that participated in the sexual revolution only because they just wanted easy sex. This 3rd generation pretends to live in a post-feminist society where we should now be concerned with ‘men’s rights’. And ‘men’s rights’ are to be understood as ‘the right to freely express their sexist thoughts’. Of course they will call it ‘admiring’, ‘provoking’, ‘joking’ or ‘art’ to sell it to everyone else who believes in the post-feminist myth.

And what about this ugly fuck at the end who dares to tell women, and is allowed to, that what is worse than being a sex-object is not being a sex-object….woah….this man needs a lobotomy, and quick. Recognize the modesty-sexiness dichotomy: he again expresses the patheticly sexist idea that as a women you are either a sex object or you are a sexless prude and there is no other option.

Well, I’d gladly stick to exclusively having sex with myself if that would allow me to have an idiot-free life. Unfortunately, like cockroaches, they keep on crawling back nagging and bugging.

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