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Ads Appeared Below My Posts: here’s what to do

To my readers: ads started appearing below my posts. I have no control over these ads, I HATE ADS.

There are a few things that can be done: I could start paying wordpress, which I am not going to do: I will not be blackmailed into paying for something. The other thing that can be done: change your browser to Firefox and use the extension Adblock Plus. This combination removes all ads from all websites. It works very well, I use it and almost forgot the world of disgusting ads existed, until now. An adless world is a great world to live in.

So, this is an ad of my own: switch to firefox + adblock plus! (all free)



——————————anything below here is crap————————————



One comment on “Ads Appeared Below My Posts: here’s what to do

  1. The Arbourist
    September 14, 2013

    I’m glad others are taking similar actions. I’ve added a link on blog’s sidebar directly to adblock so my readers can dispense with the ads.

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