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Rapist With Parental Rights Over Baby of His 14 y.o. Victim

So, if you are a man who wants a child but nobody wants to sleep with you because you are a disgusting pig, then (besides paying for a prostitute’s consent) you can also always grab a random girl and rape her without a condom. After maybe doing a bit of time (that is, if you actually get convicted), and going through some procedures, you will have your child and a woman whose life you can control as well.



3 comments on “Rapist With Parental Rights Over Baby of His 14 y.o. Victim

  1. micklively
    August 22, 2013

    That is utterly disgusting. The stunts lawyers will pull to make a buck!

    • louisechanary
      August 23, 2013

      But I am thinking of updating this one.

      In the comments on Alternet there is an MRA-type guy who actually has a point (amazing, but possible). It seems that this case (he adds a link) is a case of statutory rape. The girl, at the time did consent to sex, the rapist was her 5 years (or so) older boyfriend. He was ordered to pay child support.
      But I must say I did not read it all yet.

      If this is true then on Alternet it is perhaps made out to be worse than it actually is (which I think is a really bad move). I was young myself when I had sex and always had older boyfriends. According to U.S. law I was raped several times by my sweet, teddy bear-like twenty-something year old boyfriend, …..which is just ridiculous. Luckily for me and my boyfriends I did not live in the U.S.

      Don’t get me wrong, kids need to be protected and a young girl (14 is really young) is easily persuaded into doing things that, when she is older, will think of with regret. But is it rape…well…not really. But it is a grey area definitely.

      Anyway, of course the point is still valid: a woman should not be forced to have to deal with her rapist for the rest of her life. The idea of that just makes my blood boil. But apparently it is possible in several states.
      If you force another to have your child, then you lose that child…that should be the rule.

  2. micklively
    August 23, 2013

    Yes, I take your point. If a couple are aged sixteen less one day and sixteen plus one day, it’s rape. It makes no sense in the real world, except to make law writing easier.

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