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Lose the Baseball Metaphor for Sex

Baseball is about baseball season, competition, ‘scoring’ and specific rules….not things that have anything to do with a great sexual experience. Al Vernacchio explains why it should be traded in for a new metaphor: eating pizza. Eating pizza is what you do when you feel like it, it is done together, can be done in various ways and both will end up satisfied.




5 comments on “Lose the Baseball Metaphor for Sex

  1. micklively
    August 12, 2013

    Or consider rock-climbing in lieu of pizza. It’s dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment; the venue can be very important; it’s a mistake to try with someone reckless, inexperienced or not careful for your needs; you’re tied together for a short time but can develop longer emotional bonds; your holds are everything; it’s so exciting and fulfilling when you reach your goal together.

    • louisechanary
      August 14, 2013

      I think I like your idea better, yes. My problem with the pizza-metaphor is that sex is not like eating: 1. we don’t get sex-hunder and then have to have sex to make it go away, it is perfectly alright to do without sex (but of course it is alright to do without pizza too, but one HAS TO eat, that’s a necessity), 2. sex is not just enjoyable, it is serious, because it comes with love (or abuse possibly) and can lead to life-changing babies. Rock-climbing captures that, you’re right, great find. However, everyone did eat pizza at least once probably, but not everyone climbs rocks, that’s a difference.

    • louisechanary
      August 14, 2013

      Hmm…I just thought of something else: with climbing there is also a need to go ‘all the way’….if you quit halfway you lose, I imagine. So, there’s a flaw after all.
      How about just strolling in the woods? You do it for fun and every once in a while you see a very beautiful spot to linger…

      No metaphor is probably best.

      • micklively
        August 14, 2013


  2. louisechanary
    August 23, 2013


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