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Policing Pregnancy. Turns Out Wine Is Fine.

I, myself, am not interested in having kids and I can understand that pregnancy is just not a very interesting subject to many people, including many women.  However, what IS interesting, from a feminist point of view, is the way that pregnant women somehow become public property in the sense that they are seen as the home of their fetus and as such are expected to abide by a long list of rules of behavior. It’s bad for women in general but much worse for pregnant women and mothers.

This piece:


looks at a lot of data about those rules for pregnant women (no wine, no coffee…etc…) and it turns out that it is mostly based on a lot of mumbo jumbo.  Plenty of correlation in the data but we all know that that is different from causation ( correlation: if one increases, the other does too…but nothing is said about whether the one actually causes the increase of the other, the cause could be something else entirely, like a third thing that is their common cause) . And how about research on the risk of drinking in which the fact that some drinking mothers also used cocain is completely ignored.

So isn’t that nice? Nobody apparently cares whether women are craving for a glas of wine or coffee during pregnancy. It is so easy to just tell them not to have the wine….. because otherwise their baby may be born handicapped and then it would be THEIR FAULT for being SO SELFISH. The behavior of women is easily regulated especially when you are a doctor and the woman is undergoing some scary life-changing event. That the woman’s freedom is unnecessarily limited (even more so than it already is because of the pregnancy itself) is apparently no big deal.


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