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Are Black Feminists Ignored?

Perhaps they are.


I myself have never noticed that feminism was torn apart by racism. It is never an issue on any feminist blogs that I read. Maybe that is because I (like presumably other white feminists) am white and have a blind spot? I don’t know and therefore I wish Anthea Butler would give some examples besides the one that she does.

What I am reading now, especially the mentioning of the Zimmerman trial in a piece on feminism, makes me associate her story with the story written by Richard (see his comment on my post about men’s rights organizations) who claimed that white feminist women were out to lynch a black man (because of history) and that is why the all female jury did not find Zimmerman guilty.

Feminism is constantly under attack from all sides therefore I find it hard to lower my feminist guard now for Butler and simply accept what she claims. She says: ‘Solidarity cannot come from only one group reaching out to the other.’….I must say that I have come across few blogposts by black feminists (that I know of because there was a picture next to it) I have no idea why they are so few but I have wondered about it. I have not come across racism in the comments to those pieces though.



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