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Blurred Lines Gender Reversed

Hot guys version

Funny guys version

‘Normal’ guys version

So…OK…time to say something about it now: those funny versions all perpetuate the stereotype that men’s bodies are funny,never sexy, certainly no sexobjects, only women are sexy, sexy is a purely feminine quality…….which of course is not true. To us heterosexual women men can be a source of sexual pleasure (you see, we are attracted to men) if you would just take the effort to have a good body,be cute, not macho but beautiful, not arrogant, have an impressive bulge in your pants, be boyish and shaven.

…..Do heterosexual women not have feelings? Are we not allowed to get horny? Apparently not.

The first video makes a better effort, it is sexy at times, although it is a tad gay…which again does not serve heterosexual women but gay men. (Personally I like the long haired guy because, besides having a good body, he looks shy, craving attention for reassurance, wants to be taken care of, be petted and loved like a little puppy.)

To finish up here’s a non-gender reversed (fake) elderly women version:


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