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Accounts from Women Who Had an Abortion after 20 Weeks Pregnancy


Usually discussions about abortion are very abstract. I, myself am also guilty of making abstract, philosophical arguments pro choice. Unfortunately it makes one forget about the reality in which people live who are faced with having to make the decision.

On this page (link below) you find the stories of 10 women who had an abortion after 20 weeks (which will not be allowed in Texas anymore). I read not all of them, but the ones I read were all cases of fetuses with ilnesses of which they would have died either inside the womb or shortly after birth. Not having an abortion would mean either letting the baby die inside of you and giving birth to a corpse or, if it would be born alive, letting it live in pain, severely handicapped and letting it die on its own shortly after.
The only thing that is accomplished by this bill will be suffering. Well done Texas, hurray pro-lifers.


(The strange thing is that when I was in Minnesota last year I met some pro-lifers and they seemed genuinely concerned for the babies they thought they would save. They did not seem like nuts. It seemed to me that they were mostly very misinformed, thinking that abortion is actually a matter of ‘killing babies’.)


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