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What to Think of Men’s Rights Organizations?

I have no idea what to think about men’s rights association and other such groups. Well, that is…I do……you see, I care for men’s right to be more human. I think men should not be automatically thrown into the role of provider, macho, rapist etc. Men should be able to wear skirts if they want without being called gay.

But the thing is that we live in a society in which men are in power. So if men feel that their rights are not being met they should talk to their fellow men (and join feminists). Instead, it seems that these men’s rights associations find that feminism is their enemy. They therefore seem to actually be organizations of men who are afraid to lose their privilege.


The reason that I write about it now is because I saw a youtube clip with propaganda for http://ncfm.org/.

I have no idea where this person gets his/her information. Apparently women rape men as often as men rape women, that is what s/he says, amongst other very strange things.I wonder where these ‘facts’ come from. Either s/he is lying or there must be an alternate universe full of research where s/he gets her his facts from. It is very American in this sense….republicans also seem to live in antirely different world from mine.

S/he start out saying that men have more risk of being exposed to violence. Well…yeah, I think so, but this violence is also inflicted by men. And notice how the emphasis is on feminist theory. But many feminists do not know much about this theory, they simply react to their own experiences.

Here’s some research that I think is referred to in the video: http://www.irinnews.org/report/90081/analysis-rethinking-sexual-violence-in-drc

It appears that men are frequently raped in Congo too and that women also make a percentage of the perpetrators. Therefore it is questionable to see rape in Congo as a gendered crime. However, it also cautions that the data may not be very good.

Of course such research is to be applauded. No-one should be raped, obviously.

So…I don’t know what to think of these men’s organizations….do they have a point? I am not sure. I think that feminists are appalled by male rape as well. I don’t think feminism is about men against women, but about equality. It appears then that the difference between men’s organizations and feminism is that feminism believes that as the world is now, men have all the power but that these men’s organizations think otherwise…..that seems to be the main difference.

That being the main difference, it is unfortunate that the men’s associations try to bash feminism (obviously their male members feel very threatened…which as I said above can perhaps be best explained by their fear of losing their privilege….and that in its turn means that feminism was right….but I digress). Because their goal is essentially the same as feminist’s goal (at least, that is what they say) they would do better to join feminist groups in the fight against gender roles and discuss with feminists about whether or not we live in a patriarchy and start doing research to prove that we are or aren’t.

I am curious about how they would deny or explain the fact that mostly men make up all commissions, governments, boardrooms etc. It seems that they are mostly busy with bashing feminism and defending themselves against a perceived threat from women instead of coming up with their own explanation for the obvious difference we see in the roles which the different genders play in society today. I don’t think that they have, but I must say that I am new to this whole issue.


It seems that they think that women are the powerful ones because women are responsible for the upbringing of children.


The surprising thing is then that if they want to do something about that, they are really also very well off if they would join feminists because feminists want women to no longer be the ones to stay home and take care of the children. Feminists are all for fathers staying home, as far as I know.


6 comments on “What to Think of Men’s Rights Organizations?

  1. David M. Green
    July 21, 2013

    Rest assured it is you and your fellow feminists who are the ones doing all of the lying and committing intellectual fraud which has been documented for well over a hundred years now.

  2. louisechanary
    July 23, 2013

    The following I found on the blog of the above commenter David M. Green, anti-feminist and concerned with men’s rights:

    “Now that the dust from the Zimmerman trial has begun to settle the truth about the jury has started to come out. It is becoming ever more clearer just how much the thread of anti-male and racial stereotypes seems to have affected the thinking of the members of the jury.

    Indeed the fact that the jury was composed of six women – five White and one Hispanic should have enough to tip off to observers paying close attention; from the very beginning that Zimmerman was going to be allowed to get away with the wrongful death of a seventeen year old black male.


    What most people have seemed to have forgotten is that there was a time in this country when all it took; to have a black man swinging from the limb of the nearest tree was the false accusation of a white woman. And what most people today still refuse to notice – much less admit thanks to feminism- is that all it takes to destroy the reputation of an innocent male of any race in this day and age. Have him arrested, tried, convicted and jailed is the intentional false accusation of a woman no matter what race or ethnic group of which she happens to be a member.”

    —-The above shows that David is not really afraid of losing his rights, as a man, but that he simply wants to accuse women of something. There was an all female jury (for some reason…why?) and they could have decided to put Zimmerman in jail. If they were really out to punish men they would surely have done that (one boy dead + one man in jail = double victory, you would think). But they didn’t.
    David here says that this is because white women have always loved to falsely accuse black men so these black men could be hanged (they were hanged by men by the way), and that is what those man-hating women were doing here too, according to David (postmortem though).

    So, in effect, what David is saying is not that women are a threat to every men’s rights, but that women are out to get black men. Women are racist.
    Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but I thought that was not the anti-feminist men’s rights issue. The men’s rights story is supposed to be this: ‘women are taking away men’s rights with their feminism and misandry’. Not ‘women are falsely accusing black men but let a hispanic man go.’
    So, it appears that David here is not a hurt soul who is afraid of losing his rights, quite the opposite: he looks for reasons to put women down. If he can’t accuse them of man-hating, he will just accuse them of racism.

    So, here we see David showing the true colors of anti-feminism. Thank you David.

    • Dota
      July 31, 2013

      What David is saying is that women truly have unchecked powers today. You seem to be applying some bizarre logic and seeing something that isn’t there.

      As for women taking away mens rights, well, they do so with the help of the nanny state. So while the vast majority of women (notable exceptions aside) lack the merit to head the board of directors, create jobs, head fortune 500 companies (of course its Patriarchy’s fault, always is) they accumulate wealth through horizontal means. Divorce courts, alimony, extorting child support so that they can vacation twice a year, quotas for universities and entry level jobs ect… Equality feminist style.

      As for Zimmerman, I’m not surprised that he was allowed to walk. A jury of men would have condemned his for involuntary manslaughter. But have no doubt that the solipsistic female jury saw Trayvon’s assault as analogous to a rape analogy. It was this irrational thinking that let this joker Zimmerman walk. I’ve written about it here: http://occidentinvicta.com/2013/07/16/my-thoughts-on-the-zimmerman-verdict-anybody-consider-the-gender-angle/

  3. David M. Green
    August 3, 2013

    Very well said and thank-you Dota. 🙂

  4. Ad Fem
    August 6, 2013

    This is how these kind of men do ! Turn things around. Not because that is the truth, but steal the facts and blame them upon the ones they have stolen them from.

    These men can’t join feminists, because women care about the truth, and these men don’t care about truth, rights, mental health, physical health. They just say something or do something without caring about anything that has to do with it.

    They did so in the past, and here we see, they still act that way ! I saw my father doing so, later on my brothers, then again my spouses and now they do so on internet.

    Somehow it makes me think of mould, it wants to cover everything untill all else chokes and can’t breath or gets lame, and breaks down the base that it is living on, untill it scrumbles.

    The best way to see this is how they project their own view on feminists in the pictures from ‘chicks rule’. Beside stealing some facts and turn them around, they know so little about women that the only thing they can do is project their own habits on them. Hillarious ! I am a woman and a lifetime feminist. I simply have too much respect to ever do such a thing to anybody, and never to the one I love so dearly as my husband ! Maybe it’s a SM course ? I don’t know, it’s not my thing.

    By turning around and use things against the ones they stole it from, they make the other ones defending themselves and get exhausted. It’s like sucking all energy away from the ones on what they really should be busy with. The best thing is ignore ! You got better things to do. Just take notice, read how things get turned around and used against the victims of their attention and notice how unfair it is.

    There’s nothing else to do with it. It’s too simple and too sad ! Just leave it in God’s hands and pray for the best for these poor souls, because it must be a sad life if you have to get along with so many lies and a mindboggling aggravation game.

    Luckely there are a lot of men out there who are mentally healthy and stay away from this kind of sick thinking and simply love the truth, the reality and life and feel resposible to make a better place of this world. These men are worth taking notice of and enjoy our time with !

    Btw, women raping men in Congo, it must be somekind of twisted information ? I know from someone who was raised in New Guinee in the 60’s, that rape was a serious thing happening to women in the country. But there was one day in the year that all men had to stay at home, that was a special day for women to make men clear how it is to be raped and all men out on the streets were not safe that day and could be raped. So, one day for women against all other 364 days that men were raping. Just to teach a lesson how it feels and maybe by experiencing it, getting wiser and stop with it, Maybe this was also going on in Congo ?

    But what I tell now might be wrong-used by these men now and we will see how it will be twisted and turned around and used against feminism. And we will sigh. And yawn ! The same old silly game is being played again, and my gosh, is it boring !

    If this is how they do and can’t bring things in seriously, what should I waste my time for ? Life is too precious and all should enjoy it in a positive way. Attacking me and than say that I am too blame is so mind-boggling, such a game is too ridiculous to take serious ! If one will fight for their right, I am with that person, but it must come from the heart, based on reality, and these men unfortunately are loosing it all in their untrustworthiness.

    I’m here the first time and really love your website and got a lot more to read ! Wow
    I wish you all the best ! :o)

    Take care, Ad Fem

    PS: My excuses if my english is not that perfect, I’m dutch, and tried my best !

  5. louisechanary
    August 7, 2013

    Thanks Ad Fem, that’s great to hear!

    And Richard and Dota, I am so happy for you two lovebirds that you have found eachother here.
    You still got one coming though.

    (you’re right Ad Fem, ….sucking time…)

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