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The Heat

Great movie, I laughed my socks off. I loved to see a guy get abused for planning to cheat on his wife with a  prostitute, loved the dick-shooting scene (after all those rape-scenes I have had to endure over the years).

But really, it is just great to watch two female leads who both are incredibly funny and joke about vaginas. One is thin etc. but not very cool, the other is not thin and is seriously badass. It is a feminist movie because it almost never happens that you see women playing the leads, that it is not about men, that they are not girly or sexy, that they have humor and that one of them is not thin. Personally, I am really tired of always seeig the same model-like women on tv….I just can’t relate.

When I was googling, just after having watched the film, I unfortunately bumped into this review from a guy who doesn’t get that yelling cops are not ‘the new feminism’, but that this movie is feminist for all the reasons I mention above. http://www.salon.com/2013/06/28/the_heat_police_misconduct_as_feminism/


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