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Rape in Dubai

There has been some news on facebook about a Norwegian woman who was raped in Dubai and then got sentenced to 16 months in prison, her rapists 13.


Today I received some more information about this from a.o. someone who has a Turkish background himself and who knows about islam (so any skeptics know it is not just a confused western scare story or anything).

This clip was posted. It is about an Australian girl who was drugged and raped (it was planned by her attackers: they clogged her bathroom sink  so her room flooded and she had to go outside to the bar, there she was given a drink that had drugs in it). No-one helped her and she eventually went to the police where she was tried for having sex outside of marriage and she was sent to jail.



Here’s a paper by Julie Norman that explains the reasoning behind the ‘sex outside marriage’ label and why 4 muslim men need to be present and willing to testify in order to prove to a court that it was rape instead of sex outside marriage. It’s all got to do with some stories in the quran.


Apparently the quran did make a distinction between consensual and nonconsesual sex outside of marriage when a woman was not punished in a case when it was not consensual. And the crazy rule about the 4 men was originally meant against false accusations of sex outside marriage, to protect a woman against slander. But all is overshadowed because of the obsession with the terrible sin of sex outside marriage.It all makes me wonder about what happens if a woman is raped by her own husband.

What is also done now is that to emphasize the severity of the sharia law, a connection is being made between these rape cases and other ridiculous laws. Kisses on the cheeck can also be punished apparently as well as drinking. I don’t like this comparison. If you live in a very prudish culture it is understandable (though ridiculous) that thyere are very prudish laws, but  a law against kissing on the cheeck is not itself a violation of human rights. However, punishing a victim for being raped is not a matter of prudish culture, it is morally wrong, against human rights, something entirely different than outlawing a kiss on the cheeck. Comparing the two is a watering down of the injustice in cases of rape.

One positive point to notice is that the rapists apparently were caught and didn’t get away with it. That is, they were accused of sex outside of marriage, not rape, but at least they were caught and sentenced, which is something that often does not happen in our western part of the world where the sex is made out to be consensual (a.o. by blaming the victim for flirting or wearing something revealing, being drunk etc.). But in western countries sex outside of marriage is not forbidden, so nothing happens.

Anyway, DON’T GO TO DUBAI to spend your money there, it is a hellhole!


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