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When Dad Becomes the Lead Parent

NY Times:


Lead-parent…..perhaps a good term….I always see around me women who are in charge of everything concerning the kids….the fathers standing around, not knowing what to do and asking their spouse permission, for instance to put the kid in the buggy, stuff like that…. (and then the woman snapping at him ‘Don’t ask me, just do it!’) This pattern automatically forces itself on the parents. In my opinion (I don’t have kids, nor a spouse, but I see it around me) it starts as early as pregnancy gym classes etc… where all the mothers to be gather while the spouses stay at home….and when the mother is on pregnancy leave after giving birth, the father is expected to return to work almost immediately….so what happens is that she learns how to handle the kid and gets acquainted with the whole parenting-thing, while he is taken out of the situation and does not learn, nor adjusts….he comes home to a mother, the baby, the midwife and the already running household.

Here’s also one from Jezebel:


The comments are also interesting: Jezebel readers are talking about how their spouse (male) just never was taught (as most women are automatically) the basics of managing a household (no red sox with the white….that basic) and how to not correct them always or take over again but just let go, teach and trust that it will be fine.


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