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Sexism in Media Surrounding Wimbledon


Apparently John Inverdale said on the radio that she was ‘not a good looker’ and he suggested that she entered sports competition because of that…..which is appalling sexist bullshit. (The BBC has apologized). But, I heard someone from the bbc say, when she won (it must have been the same guy  Wow, I was totally wrong there: it was John McEnroe… that explains a lot):

`It’s so nice to see someone who was born to be a tennis player. She’s not necessarily the most natural athlete you will ever see, but someone who wields a racquet like a paintbrush and she did her own version of Picasso – it was unexpected and amazing.’

When I heard him say that I thought o,o…..  still, it was exactly what I was thinking.

Nowadays the tennis women mostly look like ‘babes’. They look like barbies, seem to be proud to dress in cute little dresses and have long ponytails etc…..Personally, I loved the fact that Martina Navratilova always wore men’s shorts when she played and was the anti-babe….those good old days…….and I think it is crazy that those tennis babes seem to happily provide 5 upskirt shot per minute. Even though their underpants are not really underpants…still….plenty of upskirt-moments there and everybody knows it (just like the upskirtiness of the hockey uniform, still delighting perverts). Please, make it stop.*



Discussion about women wearing skirts in boxing because the shorts don’t look good and people can’t tell the difference between the men and the women (huh??) http://espn.go.com/espnw/olympics/article/7590856/aiba-says-women-boxers-not-forced-wear-skirts

Back to the wimbledon champion of this year: she also wears a tiny skirt…..but she is not a typical ‘babe’…she looks like a woman, not a living doll. I would rather see her as the face of women’s tennis, than again a tennisbabe. It is great that the wimbledon champion is not barbie-like thin. She shows that a body like hers can get you somewhere.

Of course, tennis should not be about looks at all, but since it is (don’t pretend we already  live in a non-sexist society, the goal for women has just shifted, women nowadays are still not supposed to do something interesting, they now are expected to aim for ultimate babedom), we might as well celebrate the fact that, Bartoli, the new face of women’s tennis does not look babelike for a change.

What bothered me much more than the talk about Bartoli was the fact that the women’s game was brought like a regular, interesting match while the men’s game the next day was framed in a theme: ‘rivalry’….with lots of adventure-fight-hero-film-like music in the background….as if they were some kind of cavemen going up against eachother….it was disgusting. This is the sexism that should bother everybody the most: the women were just playing tennis, the men were fighting some kind of heroic war of the gods. Ew.

Here’s another guardian piece about how the men’s champion is not ‘the first British winner after 77 years of waiting’ (which is what headlines are saying). No, there were apparently 4 British female winners inbetween….but they don’t count, no, THE winner is a man.


(*You may be thinking ‘what is wrong about a woman showing her underpants, stop your slutshaming’…well…if men would wear skirts, tight underpants and produce upskirt shots then I would have less of a problem with it, but you see, it’s just the women. Somehow women need to be able to be ogled and need to be eye-candy whatever they do. Just being good at what they do is thought less important. As long as this is the case I will criticize it.)

More about Bartoli, including prints of adorable tweets by men http://msmagazine.com/blog/2013/07/12/sexism-causes-a-racket-at-wimbledon/

One example:


and here you can stalk follow him: https://twitter.com/two45dolla

His defense is as pathetic:

`In regards to Bartoli tweet, I am entitled to my opinion and she is a lesbian so I was stating a fact.’



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