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You can’t be what you can’t see!

“An intriguing investigation about the visibility of women in European media

The protest against Page 3 in England made it clear that women in the media are portrayed differently than men. That triggered me to see research pictures of men and women in European newspapers. Many newsrooms start their day with sifting through the papers. If women already are invisible as experts, inevitably that will be the case in all other media.”
Some salient facts:

• Only 16 percent of photos in European newspapers are ‘women over 45 years of age’.
• 78 percent of photos of women in European newspapers show women under the age of 45.
• Women are represented in only 5 percent of photos within the sports sections of European newspapers.
• Only 30 percent of photos in European newspapers depict women (advertisements are included)
• Women in the media mainly fulfill the role of wife, mother, actress or model.

Read more & see pictures here:



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This entry was posted on July 10, 2013 by in English items, Representation of Women in Media (all sorts of).
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