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Documentary: Rape in the Fields


I have been (and will keep on) explaining in the comments of several websites that rape is not something that can be avoided by anything women do or don’t do. Rape is done by MEN. And not the stereotype ‘rapist’, but seemingly ‘ordinary’ men on ordinary occasions. And very, very, very often they get away with it.

This documentary shows very well what the problem is, even though it focuses on a specific group: male farmers who rape their illegal female employers. Notice that they are not the stereotype rapists used in arguments, mostly made by men, that downplay rape.

What can also be seen in this documentary is the law at work: at work doing nothing. So, WHY is nothing done? Ask yourself WHY rapists are not being convicted. There is no reason for it. Murderers are being convicted, thiefs are….but rapists, no. What can be the reason? The only reason I can think of is that people who make and who execute law think rape is perfectly fine, or at least not bad enough to seriously look into. And they are not the only ones. Mingling in an average comment thread on a post about rape (even when it is a story by a victim) will make painfully clear that rape is thought to be not such a big deal…it is not ok theoretically, but….and then there come the buts…but..but ..but…..

So, again here…WHY would any ordinary male commenter bring up all kinds of but, but, buts…. WHY can’t they just be outraged, like women mostly are (although not all women…there are a lot of women too who play the but, but, but game and start slut-shaming: ‘she wore a tight dress, she should not have been drunk’…whatever stupid excuse they make for the rapist…they seem to not realize that they could be next….or perhaps they do all too well and by blaming the victim they pretend that nothing like that could ever happen to themselves). The first reaction to a rape story, any rape story, should be disgust, sympathy for the victim and outrage. What is wrong with these people who can’t have normal feelings?

Whatever the reason, apparently rape is not such an outrage to them, or it is that much of an outrage that they can’t believe it happens, they just want to have nothing to do with it and therefore downplay it. This latter psychological reaction has a name, I think, but I don’t remember it.

Notice also how the men in this documentary are all lying through their teath with a lot of ease. This is by the way the first time I have seen anyone interview men who rape. Very useful to see what kind of men they are: they are ordinary men who think it is fine to routinely commit brutalities and who are capable of lying in everyones face about ever doing it. They even add that the women are nasty liers.

An often heard reaction is that the women must be lying, but here’s one case discussed of 26 women against the story of one man. Very likely it is him lying. Still, often the man is believed and I think I just heard the voice over say that he got away with it.

Also think about, why would these women lie? They have nothing to gain. They risk losing their job, they are illegal immigrants and they risk retaliation from the farmer. Would they risk all that for just not liking the guy? That is what raping men often want everyone to believe, but it’s just absurd. WHY then, would anyone BELIEVE IT?

This one documentary is enough to start believing in what is called ‘rape-culture’ …and there are many more documentaries like this….and many, many more rape cases that are never documented.

It seems rape is an international hobby, that many men indulge in and that most others think is perfectly acceptable. Rape is even thought to be less of a crime than possible false accusation. Perhaps it is time to change that in cases of rape. The innocence until proven guilty is very important, but it greatly helps rapists because often women are not thought to be credible witnesses, they are thought to be ‘accusers’, sluts and nasty bitches who hate men and want to lock a man away. In fact there are very few false reports of rape, but because this ‘innocence until proven guilty’ is still the standard way of thinking and rape evidence is often not conclusive but relies on the testimony of victim and rapist, the rapist is not convicted because not ‘proven’ guilty. Well, perhaps…in the face of rape being rather common, as is known by everyone, while false rape accusations are very scarce, it is time to start giving the  ‘accuser’ the benefit of the doubt here.

To put it clearer: if the result of the system is more victims rather than less, if it is protecting rapists rather than women, if the result is more rape, fear and freedom limiting rules of conduct for women, isn’t it time to do the bleeding obvious and CHANGE IT?!

A failure to do so means an endorsement of the suffocating status quo and means agreeing with the view held by many that limiting women’s freedom and safety is not as bad as limiting men’s freedom to indulge in predatory hobbies. This is the world we live in.
Start feeling guilty. I hold any one of you rape-apologizers accountable and you will find out about that.

(And I have not even started about the many rapekits in the USA that have not been looked at by anyone. There are apparently very many rapekits….all consisting of material taken from women who dared to go to the police, after they had been raped, to have their bodies examined, …that are just lying around gathering dust somewhere. Again, WHY??? Isn’t the rape itself bad enough? No, apparently not.)


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