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12 Year Old Girl Makes Pedophile Leave With Tail Between His Legs

A 12 year old girl took control by firmly ordering a masturbating intruder with a gun to leave her alone. She added ‘You should be ashamed of yourself.’ when he backed off and left.


Is this perhaps a tiny bit of evidence that sexual assault is about power? If you imagine yourself being a man with a gun masturbating over a girl lying in bed….then yes, I would want the girl to be scared, cry and beg for mercy…..right? That must be part of the fun. So if that girl looks you in the eye as if she is your mother, and she firmly tells you to go away, then I would definitely lose my erection. And that’s the end of it.

But maybe I can’t quite imagine what that must be like. Still, we are all human, we are all capable of watching horrible movies and identify with horrible protagonists (and usually protagonists are male)…so, why not also in this case.


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