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Seeing Picture of Hillary Clinton Makes Women Better Speakers


This is why it is important to have female role models and to make them visible often. http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2013-04/seeing-hillary-clintons-face-improves-womens-public-speaking

I spoke in another post about those awful presentations in science and philosophy that include a parade of wise men and how that makes women feel excluded. So, here’s another piece of evidence of the same effect.

You know how after a talk come the questions? There is usually a lot of pressure to ask a ‘good’ question. If you do you score high points with all scientists in the room (usually some top dogs and your adviser). Women are usually very, very, very quiet…..here’s a reason why that might be and how it can be helped. Another way to help women speak up and ask questions is to not shoot them down immediately, which is what very often happens. What also very often happens is that women receive blank stares and questione-marked-faces from the speaker, as if they have said something very weird. As if they came from Venus, the speaker from Mars, and now he doesn’t understand them.




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