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Unwise to Allow Men to Go Out at Night

I agree with this 100%: http://www.wrongingrights.com/2013/01/what-if-we-responded-to-sexual-assault-by-limiting-mens-freedom-like-we-limit-womens.html

If men claim that they can’t handle themselves when looking at a woman, well, then it’s time to make them wear blindfolds. If men can’t roam the streets at night without assaulting and raping, well, then it’s time to keep them in at night.

From a very young age women are told to `cover up’ and told to not go out alone at night, but who are the purpetrators here? And why isn’t THEIR freedom limited instead? This teaches everyone a great lesson about the extraordinary length in which society is arranged around men’s ease of living at the expense of everybody else.

see also:



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