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Sexual Intimidation of Men by Women

I know three stories of men who I know who have been sexually intimidated by women.

1. My mother told me once that my dad, while being a ‘liftboy’ (someone operating the elevator) was harrassed by women in the elevator. I am not sure how far they went. I think they touched him inappropriately.

2. The leader of the band I was playing in told me how he once picked up three older women who were hitch hiking. They threatened to touch him and have sex with him, but they didn’t do it and got out of the car.

3. One of my male friends (early twenties) bragged about how he was going to ‘score’ with some girl when we were in a bar in Reykjavik. He was all macho when he went outside with her. But after a while he came back, defeated, and he said that they had gone to the park where she took control and almost raped him.

The first two stories I find sad and awful. My dad was not a macho, but a nice guy, the leader of the big band too. But the third story I find partly funny and I feel that here’s a woman who take matters into her own hands, he got taught a valuable lesson….I mean…he was thinking of doing it to her…so now he knows what it’s like on the receiving side. On the other hand, I am not sure what happened…he was also a nice, naive bloke (although with a big mouth)….so I am sad that he had to go through that.

What does stick out though, is that the women touched but never actually raped. But I wonder how much this happens to men. Possibly they wouldn’t talk about it. I wish they would.


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