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Naked Mothers

These pictures of bodies of mothers illustrate how a woman’s body can be just naked http://jadebeall.com/a-beautiful-body-project/ , without being sexy. Anyone who thinks this is sexy is of course free to think so, but the point is that the women are not naked in an effort to be sexy. They are quite ordinary and I applaud the photographer for that. Although, I must say that I do think that there is a large element of ‘godess-mother-worshipping’ in them (perhaps unintended? I don’t know, it is emphasized by the background music) that I really don’t like. A mother is a woman with a child…she is not a special human-goddess, that’s just crap that only perpetuates the idea that women are a special category of human beings.

And then there’s another thing that I really don’t like, it’s the fact that people (also feminists) are stuck in reclaiming beauty. So they take pictures of themselves and other naked women. But my problem with this is that we have to get away from the whole idea that women ARE their bodies. I, for one, do intellectual work, I am not at all especially in touch with my ‘female body’…it is just there…I have to eat and poop and move about with it. My body is not my most important asset, on the contrary, it is getting quite sluggish from time to time and when I have my period it bothers me to no end. So, I don’t see why my body should be the focalpoint of attention (from myself or from others). I am a thinker, I have opinions and I work on a philosophy thesis at the moment and would hope people would notice that first. I don’t need to be beautiful, I am just here and we all have to deal with that fact and make the best of it. (But if anyone wants to call ‘just being here’ beauty, well, then I’m fine with that.)

When I am dancing, my connection to my body is a whole different ballgame. More on that elsewhere.


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