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Man Who Thinks Women Rather Have Abortion Than Use Birth Control (and 16% of women experienced men tampering with their birth control)

Some guy trying to derail a discussion about and celebration of Wendy Davis’s filibustering an offensive anti-abortion bill in Texas. The guy is even affiliated to some university and has a European gymnasium background. You’d think he would know better.


One Question, do they try to make it illegal in any case, also if the birth would be dangerous for the woman or when she got pregnant by rape (talking real rape here, not this “I fucked this guy drunk and had second thoughts the next morning” kind) cause then I say it should be legal, or do they just want to make it illegal if its just the “oh well, i fucked without protection got pregnant but dont really want a kid” case? Sure yes, its her body and she should decide what happens to her body, but she does that when she has sex! I mean cmone, its no secret that sex makes babys and I think everyone, no matter if male or female, should be responsible for their decisions!


Glad to hear you are pro choice, but you are grossly misinformed if you think having an abortion is easier for a woman than putting a condom on her man’s penis. Of course, if the man is not going to let you, and have sex with you anyway, …. I don’t think you counted in that option, or would that fall into your category of rape? How about this for an option: 16% of women in all levels of society experienced men tampering with their birth control. http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/men-sabotaging-women-birth-control-article-1.1361932 And did you ever realize that birth control can fail? Did you ever have sex for other reasons than having a baby? If so, you have put the woman you had sex with in risk for having to either give birth and take care of your child for the rest of her life or have sucked her uterus empty after a few weeks. I hope that crossed your mind while you were doing it. I bet it crossed hers.

Let me put this snippet of anti-abortion-idiocy in here:


Governor Rick Perry of Texas. What an ubelievable asshole. He also made this rapey comment: “The louder they scream, the more we know that we are getting something done.”

WHAT?! He likes his women screaming? Anyone who says these kinds of things as if there’s nothing wrong with that and as if that is even heroic, is one disgusting asshole.

The article that is linked to also links to a story of this same man, just having a woman executed (that she is a woman is accidental, many more men than women are executed): ‘A death row inmate is executed every three weeks in Texas, a rate that far exceeds that of any other state. Texas is the leader in executions in the U.S. by about 400, with Virginia a distant second. Since the Supreme Court ruled on death penalty laws in 1977, Texas has accounted for 40 percent of the more than 1,300 executions nationwide.’ http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/06/26/19152294-texas-carries-out-landmark-500th-execution?lite

And Rick Perry’s comments on death penalty: “I think our process works just fine”. Words from the same man who says that ‘every life is sacred’ when he speaks of fetuses at an anti-abortionist get-together.

I so feel like barfing all over this man. It is so hard to believe that people like him are alive and even manage to get elected to an office where they have power over the lives of others. I am shocked every time I hear another one of those filthy republicans say incredibly stupid, and just plain nasty, shit.


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