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Stop Female Death in Advertising


A trend in advertising: dead women. What are these advertisers thinking?! Why does anyone think a dead woman is suitable to sell your product?

“You know what, let’s put a dead woman next to our label, that will make ’em buy it.” People who come up with that must be totally fucked up.

Vice did a fashionspread reenacting female writers’ suicides: http://jezebel.com/vice-published-a-fashion-spread-of-female-writer-suicid-513888861

One of the models speaking about it, and she says that as a model one has little control of the context of the picture: http://jezebel.com/model-from-vice-suicide-shoot-speaks-i-was-uncomforta-514323121

Just came across another collection of disgusting fashion ads. This one even needs a* trigger warning*, it’s that bad. http://www.buzzfeed.com/copyranter/violence-against-women-in-fashion-continues-unabated
(The first one, however, made me laugh. That’s just a silly one, in my opinion. It makes the guy look totally stupid.)


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