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Women Who Do “a Man’s Job” [trigger warning]

Often sexists will defend their views with ‘women only want careers, they don’t want the real men’s jobs’. And ‘men have it bad’ because they are ‘cannon fodder’.

Well, here’s a movie, a true story, that shows what happens to women who want to do a man’s job (spoiler….as if you didn’t already expect it…. : they are sexually assaulted).

North Country:
http://www.tubeplus.me/player/388228/North_Country/ (link to site with full movie, apologies for awful ads)

And here’s a documentary about women in the US army (yes, they are raped):

The Invisible War (link to full movie):

Incidently, look at these women…do they look like sluts? No. Still, they are raped. So there goes that theory.


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