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Parents Sharing Care for Their Children and Home

What is on the verge of happening is that women increasingly work outside of the home but that this is not compensated by men working less and taking over childcare. What is worrying here is that the feminist movement is being taken for a ride by people (who knows who, governments, companies etc.) who want men and women both to work so the economy can grow. Of course both their salaries will not increase, only decrease because there will be twice as much employees to choose from. In the end men and women both have to work fulltime for a parttime income while their children are in daycare all day long.

If this happens we are screwed.

For this reason the emphasis of feminist action and campaining should no longer lie in just getting women to work, it should lie in getting men to take care of their home and children. I know some men who already do take care of their children but they seem to be the ‘cute’ exception. Where I live fathers are made to work more than mothers, it is almost impossible for a man to start working parttime and doctors and schools etc. expect the mother to be responsible. This is not a climate in which it is easy for men to stay at home if they wanted to.

(Interestingly, I’m trying to find a picture to accompany this post, of a man behind a buggy, and there are none to be found (except one where the man is made anonymous and one where he is accompanied by his girlfriend). What I do find when I google ‘man behind buggy’ are pictures of women behind the buggy and even pictures of toddlers pushing their own buggy.)

(Just now googled ‘man child playground’ and the second picture was of a man with a gun at the gate, many innocent pictures of slides but some pictures after that were of police and pedophiles.  Let’s try….’man changing diaper’)

(How predictable: ‘man changing diaper’ got a lot of results of men changing diapers in funny ways, of extra cute men and babies in white and of men IN diapers. I took the most realistic diaper changing one, which was incidently a picture that came from Ms. magazine accompanying a piece about a possible rise in stay at home dads. The title ended in a question mark so we are not sure whether their numbers are actually on the rise or not. Maybe I’ll check it out later. )

Ok, I checked it out: http://msmagazine.com/blog/2010/06/20/stay-at-home-dads-on-the-rise-not-so-fast/

See how it suggestively says ‘not so fast’. In short: men lose their jobs because of crisis. They are then ‘stay at home dads’. That sounds optimistic but in fact they don’t do any more housework and childcaring than they did when they were working.


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