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“Men Have It Bad Because Women Live Longer”

Another complaint often uttered by sexists in reaction to feminist comments.

First of all: if you think you get a raw deal because of your gender, then join feminists in changing society instead of slowing them down by diverting discussions with this same old complaint over and over again.

And yes, women do live longer, you are absolutely right. This is not due to men doing more dangerous work, as is usually claimed along with this complaint (see links below and also http://www.who.int/occupational_health/publications/womandoh/en/index.html : it is even unclear how to determine the occupational hazards women face, let alone to compare it to men’s). Men even contribute to their own demise by unhealthy behavior like smoking and driving carelessly when they are young (those seem to be both linked to their role as male and in that case, yes, society also gives men a bad deal by teaching them to ‘be rough and tough’). But it seems to be mainly because of biological factors and may be partly caused by women losing blood every time they menstruate. Apparently, iron deficiency is good for your life span (vegetarians also live longer). This is hardly anything women can help. Perhaps women would even choose to trade in some senior years if this meant not having to bleed and feel sick for a week every month and carry the burden of childbirth.





Let me end with saying this: there is no ‘battle of the sexes’ just like there is no ‘battle of the races’ when people of one race play boss over all the others.


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